Yorkshire Meds Marbles Team 

Ranking in the world league

A quick look at the Yorkshire Meds ranking in the British World Championship league table

 When  we found out about the tournament in 2004, we would have been delighted to being there as spectators; so just the joy of being  ableto participate and play as a team was wonderful. This also followed the true essence of the tournament; "tradition rather than competition" -  or perhaps tradition and competition. Nothing like a little bit of competition to spice up the day and fun.

It took Yorkshire Meds a couple of years to get around the "Ring marbles rules of the game"; with most of the players originally coming from Algeria; they knew of marbles only as an individual game using the single hole rules.

League table since 2004

Here we dress a table for the  British & World champions since we joined in 2004 with 19 participations. The list ranks the teams and the number of titles.

  1.  1st MC Erzgebirge (7)
  2.  Yorkshire Meds (6)
  3.  Saxonia Snippers (2)
  4.  Barrel Scrapers (1)
  5.  Black Dog Boozers (2)
  6.  Johnson Jets (1)

 League table with current teams

Now we include all the titles won since records began in 1932 for the teams still in action

  1. Black Dog Boozers (14)
  2. 1st MC Erzgebirge (7)
  3. Yorkshire Meds (6) 
  4. Saxonia Globe Snippers (4)
  5. Handcross Rebels (2)
  6. Johnson Jets (2)
  7. Handcross 49ers (1)

Greyhound board (indoor)
Greyhound outdoor board

All time league table

The top 10, with all teams since 1932 (86 annual events).

  1.  Telcon/Toucon Terribles (19)
  2.  Black Dog Boozers (14)
  3. Tinsley Green/ Tigers (8)
  4. 1st MC Erzgebirge (7)
  5. Yorkshire Meds (6) 
  6. Saxonia Globe Snippers (4)
  7. Copthorne Sharpshooters (3)
  8. Bow Street Fudgers (3)
  9. Handcross Rebels (2)
  10. Johnson Jets (2) - multiple teams with 2 titles