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A Personal perspective

Hello, my name is Mourad Kara and here I share some of my personal perspectives for marbles & Yorkshire Meds

Like many of us; there is a kid inside us even at the age approaching 60! I have fond memories of playing marbles;  These are special gadgets of perfect spherical glass or ceramic with so many colours and patterns. Among other things, you can play or collect them or both.

Playing marbles has been (for me) a good antidote to modern life. It takes me back to my childhood and an age before we were all sat in front of computer screens for hours on end. It's especially rewarding to encourage children to play. Perhaps it is also a way to go towards vintage pastime renaissance. There is nothing like being a big kid at heart.

In 2004, I founded the Yorkshire Meds team and have been its captain since. I have been fortunate to find keen and great players, enthusiasts and supporters not far and it has been a pleasure to play and compete together. Time permitting, I try to setup and encourage other activities featuring marbles; for example with the Scouts & Cubs in Leeds; or some arts & crafts using marbles. I am also a referee for the main tournaments.

The Times newspaper (2009)
The Times newspaper (2009)
Mourad on the main ring
Mourad on the main ring

I put together this simple Website for friends and families to keep up with our fun & quests in marbleous games as well as for marble enthusiasts who might be interested in the game.

This is version 2 of Yorkshire Meds launched in April 2023. It is based on Joomla CMS technology. The previous version (version 1) was launched in 2004 and was based on native HTML pages. 

Thank you for visiting Yorkshire Meds. I welcome constructive comments & feedback, ways to improve this site or its content; and errors or omissions.

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