Yorkshire Meds Marbles Team 

The Greyhound championship venue

A brief description at this historical venue and the rings layout that hosted the championship since 1932 

The Annual championships take place every Good Friday at the Greyhound pub in Tinsley Green in Sussex.  The grounds have had a few changes over the past decades but the essence and presence of the venue remains the same for hosting this great tournament.

The Greyhound ground has five marbles rings. One that is centre stage (aka main or centre ring), located at the centre of the pub's car park. There are also four marbles rings on the side garden of the pub (along with tables & benches). A marbles ring measures 6 feet across (diameter) and is slightly raised, approximately 3 inches above the level of the surrounding ground  (to ensure that there is no issue about a marble being knocked out). 

One of the side rings (2014)
Garden side rings (2014)

The side ring nearest to the pub side entrance tend to be the one used for other official games (mainly the Golden Oldies tournament recently). Most of the other events are played in the main ring.  

The other three side rings are often left for spectators and players to practice and enjoy. Often, we see young children playing around one of these. From time to time, additional attractions such as bouncy castles or others in particular for children will feature in the side garden too.