Yorkshire Meds Marbles Team 

Tournament activities & Timetable

An outline of a typical day of the championships; a detailed account of events & entertainments

 Most of the annual tournaments are packed with activities, entertainment and fun things to do for all ages young and adults; some are regular annual fixtures (games & competitions); and others vary from one year to another. The weather plays a significant role in the enjoyment of these activities. 

Between 9:30am to 10am, spectators and team start to appear. You can see volunteers preparing the rings, sanding the top layer and preparing the setting and sitting arrangements; whilst the lower deck of the Greyhound has already the marbles stall with plenty of marbles to choose from including the main shooters and target sizes.

Captains of the teams rush up the first floor of the Greyhound pub to complete the registrations. The organisers are busy putting the finishing touch to the schedule and fixtures and trying to sort out referees and volunteers. By 10:30 spectators and most of the team players are present and greetings and catching up after one year of not seeing each other (in most cases). Cameras and professionals from a few media & TV channels  start to setup appear their gear for the day.

Sometimes  small tents are prepared based on the weather forecast and then put up around the marble rings in heavy rain conditions but that limits the viewing and spectators tend to give up  if severe rain conditions persist.

Morning setup & preparation
The weather not behaving itself (2009)

You would then see the mayor of Crawley  visiting the venue; and sometimes there would be a speech; either a memorial plaque unveiled and some other events to commemorate a past player or announce a special trophy for a particular occasions; for example Royal weddings; Jubilees or coronation. 

Recently, all the games of the main tournament (team event) take place on the central ring. These games start around 11am (knockout competition). The side ring sees the kick-off of the Golden Oldies tournament. Most of the entertainment is taken by all the games in the central stage; with the Golden Oldies attracting the team of the players involved and their supporters.

Crawley Mayor at the start (2015)
Plaque unveiling (2008)
Plaque unveiling (2008)

By mid-afternoon; the main tournament reaches the quarter or semi-final stages. Typically the order of play is as follows:

  1. Final of the Golden Oldies competition
  2. Playoffs of the Best lady player
  3. 1st semi-final
  4. 2nd semi-final
  5. Individual final
  6. Team final
  7. Celebration, presentation of trophies, and photo shout out

Usually by the end of celebration (step 7); it can be anything between 6 and 9pm depending on the number of teams that started the tournament, the execution of the timetable and the weather. In between the first game of the main tournament and the final of Golden Oldies, there are plenty of side activities that vary from one year to another; for example: bouncy castles, Morris dances,  outdoor BBQ and marbles enthusiasts  playing on the side garden

Morris dance (2016)
Morris dance (2016)
Australian team (2008)
Australian team (2008)